Burglary Repairs in Harpenden, Hertfordshire

Unfortunately, any home without an extensive security system is vulnerable to an intruder gaining access and damaging the property. At Locksmith Services Ltd, we undertake Burglary Repairs in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, and we understand that you are unable to predict when disaster strikes, which is why we offer our burglary maintenance and repairs 24 hours a day, ensuring that our customers are never left without assistance after a burglary has occurred.

Reviewing Your Home Security in Harpenden, Hertfordshire

To guarantee your property is secure and safe, there are many self-help measures that we recommend you exercise. Although some of them seem obvious, others are less apparent and may be the difference between securing your home and having possessions stolen. We recommend following these steps:

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  • Think about the additional security of a dog. A pet dog is an outstanding intruder alarm and deters burglars.

  • If you are absent from your home or on holiday, keep your house adequately lit. An excellent idea is to install timers to important lighting points everywhere throughout your home.

  • Ensure all of your personal, valuable possessions, whether of sentimental or economic importance, are kept in a secure safe inside your property.

  • Make sure that all windows in exterior doors are a minimum of 40 inches from any locks and letterboxes.

  • If you have security locks installed on your windows, check that they are locked whenever possible.

  • Lock all garden maintenance equipment, tool boxes, and ladders out of sight from potential intruders.

  • Have a working intruder alarm installed at your house, and more importantly, use it.

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